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Netting, Casing & Twines

Range of Production Products

Nettings, Casings & Twines 

We offer a wide range of Netting, Twine and Casings from both our own range and leading quality manufacturers products.

Please browse our current brand and product offerings.

Product listings: 


Natural Casings

Sausage Casings
Hog -  80 Lb fill

Sheep Blue Tag -  45 Lb fill

Sheep Premier -  50 Lb fill

Taped Sheep Pack of 10

Taped Hog Pack of 10

OX - also available


Meat Netting

Available in White 

120 mm

150 mm

180 mm

200 mm

250 mm

Available in Red & White

120 mm
150 mm

180 mm

200 mm

250 mm

100 Meters per roll




Size 5 white
Available as single units or boxes of 10


Size 4, 5, 6 Red, Green, Blue & Blue

Available as single units or boxes of 6

Devro Select Range.jpg

Collagen Casings

Devro Bovine Collagen Casings

Select S23 CLR  12.5 M OE

Select S28 CLR  12.5 M OE

Fresh 19 VF OE 15.3 M

Select S23 CLR  16 M OE

Select S21 CLR  17 M

Link Fresh S23 CLR 20 M OE

Select F26 20 M OE

Select S28 CLR 21.25 M OE

Select F28 CLR 26 M OE

Plastic Casings.jpg

Fibrous Casings

Variety of Sizes

Fibrous Casing Teepak

Fruit Netting.jpg

Fruit Netting

Green Nets

Yellow Nets

Red Nets


Available in Single Bundles of 100 units or Full Packs of 500 units

Nalophan Cooking Bags.png

Cooking Bags

Available in Sizes (mm)

225 mm x 60 mm

225 mm x 75 mm

300 mm x 60 mm

300 mm x 80 mm

Units of 25 per pack

Trussing bands.jpg

Trussing Bands



1000 units per box

Poultry Ties.jpg

Poultry Ties

White Poultry Ties

Approx. 5,000 units per pack


 Registered Office: Unit 13 Longley Lane, Northenden, Manchester, M22 4WT 

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