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Knives, Sundries & Machinery

Range of Knives, Saws, Cleavers, Steels, Meat Hooks

Cutting Boards, Blocks and Small Machinery Parts

Knives, Sundries & Machinery

We supply a huge variety of Butchers Knives, Sundries and Small Machinery parts from the leading brand manufacturers products include; boning knives, steak knives, chef knives, mincer blades, bow saws, cleavers, steel hooks, cutting blocks, stands and sharpening steels.

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Product lists: 

Victorinox Knivies Multi colour.png


Boning Knives 

Straight  5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch

Flexi  5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch

Steak Knives 10 inch, 12 inch

Chef Knives 12 inch

All available with:

Black Handle 

Red Handle

Yellow Handle

Blue Handle

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Mincer Knives.jpg

Small Machinery Parts

Mincer Knives

Sizes: 12 / 22 / 32 / 52 / 56 / 66

Mincer Plates

Sizes: 12 / 22 / 32 / 52 / 56 / 66

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Block Brushes.jpg

Blocks and Steel Brushes

Cutting Boards and Steel Brushes



Variety of Sizes

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Bosch Band Saw Blade BS5912-6H (EN) r428

Band Saw Blades

Available Sizes (Inches):

62" /  63"  / 69" (1760) /

72" /  78" /  91"  / 98" / 
101.5" / 114" / 124"

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Meat Hooks

Stainless Steel 4" X 3/16

Stainless Steel 5" X 3/16"

Stainless Steel 6" X 3/16"

Stainless Steel 6" X 1/4" 

Stainless Steel 8" Long X 3/8"

Stainless Steel 8" Long

Stainless Steel 10" Long X 3/8" 

Liver Hooksd

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Hand Saws.webp

Hand Saws

Bow Saw Blade

17.5" inch

20" inch

22" inch

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Universal Size

Scabbard & Adjustable Belt

Grinder Belts.jpg

Grinder Belts

GXK51-2 P80



8" Cleaver Black Handle

10" Cleaver Black Handle


Portion Scoops

Variety of Sizes including

2 oz

4 oz

6 oz

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Serving forks.jpg

Serving Forks

10.5" Meat Forks

11 " Meat Forks

12" Meat Forks

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Variety of Sizes

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Burger Discs.png

Burger Disks

Clear Film Burger Disks

4" Disks 

5" Disks

Available in boxes of 5,000

Scalloped Burger Papers

4" Disks 

5" Disks

Available in boxes of 1,000

Grill Steak Papers

4" Disks 

5" Disks

Available in boxes of 27,000

Multi Colour Peach Paper Disks

4" Disks 

5" Disks

Green, Peach or Black

Available in boxes of 1,000

Pink Market Place Burger Disks

4" Disks 

5" Disks

Available in boxes of 5,000

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BBQ & Grill

Birchwood Grill Sticks

150 mm

180 mm

200 mm

Teppo Gushi Skewers

150 mm

180 mm

210 mm

Bamboo Skewers

180 mm

200 mm

250 mm

Flat Bamboo Skewers

200 mm

280 mm

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Knives and Sharpeners.png


12" Round Sharpening Steels

14" Oval Sharpening Steels

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Variety of Products & Sizes

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Dalebrook logo.jpg

Product Range

AM Ingredient Ltd are an approved distributor of Dalebrook Products. Click to view the full range.

Multi Colour Cutting Boards & Stands.png


Bespoke Stands and Worktop
Cutting Blocks Made to Order

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Dough Cutter.jpg

Dough Cutter and Scrapers

Variety of Sizes 

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Fat Basher.jpg

Fat Basher

Standard Size

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8" Mince Meat Plunger

12" Mince Meat Plunger

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Lidding Machines.png

Lidding Machines

The VS Range of table top lidding machines have been designed specifically for use with heat
sealable food trays.

3 Models Available:

VS200 Fixed Temperature: 
Maximum Tray Size:- 190 x 150mm

VS300 Standard Dial: 
Maximum Tray Size:- 190 x 250mm

VS300DT Digital Control: 
Maximum Tray Size:- 190 x 250mm

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Tray Sealing Machines.jpg

Manual Tray Sealing Machines

The SR range of manual tray sealing machines SR230 and the SR430. Both models feature magnetic film clamping, so the film is automatically dispensed over the tray to be sealed.

Technical Specification for SR230
  • Electrics:- 240Vac : 400 watts

  • Max Tray size:- 190 x 200mm

  • Weight:- 25kg

  • Max film width:- 200mm

  • Machine Dimensions:- 320 x 500 x 460mm


Technical Specification for SR430
  • Electrics:- 240Vac : 800 watts

  • Max Tray size:- 370 x 250mm

  • Weight:- 35kg

  • Max film width:- 400mm

  • Machine Dimensions:- 520 x 600 x 500m

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Semi-auto Sealing Machines.png

Semi-Automatic Sealing Machines

The Rapida Plus is a table
top pneumatic tray sealing machine. Features include digital temperature control, adjustable sealing time and magnetic film clamping*. 

Technical Specification
  • Maximum film width: 400mm 

  • Maximum tray size: 350 x 265 x 150mm 

  • Electrics: 240Vac

  • Air supply: 80psi (5.5 bar) 

  • Machine dimensions: 585 x 700 x 450mm 

  • Weight: 55kg 

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Bag Sealer.jpg

Bag Sealer

The ‘JS’ range of Jaw Sealers, specifically for use with polypropylene wicketed bags.

The two machines in the range are the JS25 Jaw Sealer and the larger JS35 Jaw Sealer. Both are constant heat machines with a simple seal and cut action that seals the polypropylene bag as it cuts it.

2 Models Available:

Technical Specification for JS25
  • Maximum bag width: 250mm

  • Electrics: 240vac / 3amp

  • Machine dimensions: 130 x 250mm

  • Weight: 3.5kg


Technical Specification for JS35
  • Maximum bag width: 350mm

  • Electrics: 240vac / 3amp

  • Machine dimensions: 130 x 350mm

  • Weight: 4kg

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Pizza Capper.jpg

Pizza Capper

The PC2000 pizza capper has a 2kw Incoloy heater with an adjustable control that works with all available pizza capping shrink films.

Product Features
  • Stainless steel construction

  • Accepts all widths of shrink film

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • Quick release top box for cleaning

  • Quick change 2kw heating element

  • 30 Minute Timer version also available

  • Optional Kit including Film Dispenser & Fork

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Hand Stretch Wrapper.jpg

Hand Stretch Wrappers

The TW45 range of table top hand stretch wrap machines for use with food grade stretch films.

Product features
  • 4 Models available

  • Choice of easy clean white epoxy paint or stainless steel finish

  • Choice of hot wire or cold rod

  • Twin roller film holders with adjustable brake

  • Quick change cutting wire

  • Adjustable temperature controller

  • Accepts stretch films up to 450mm wide

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