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Display & Disposable Trays

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Display Trays, Disposable Trays Lidding & POS Garnishes

We offer a wide range of high quality counter display trays and disposable take out trays from a range of suppliers including Linpac and Middlewitch.

Please browse through our brand offerings and product lists.

Product list: 

EPS Food Trays.jpg

Disposable Trays

EPS Trays from Linpac Packaging
and Middlewitch Food Trays.

Available Colours:

Black (B)      White (W)     Yellow (Y) 

Green (G)      Blue (Bu)     Orange (O)


Chipsize (W)  C1 (W)  C2 (W)  C3 (W) Frysize (W) 

HB1(O) (W)     HB2 (O) (W)    HB3 (O) (W)
HB6 (O) (W)    HB7 (O) (W)   HB9 (O) (W)    
(O) (W)  MP0 (O) (W)   MP2 (O) (W)   MP3 (O) (W)    MP8 (O) (W)

Meat / Produce Trays - Shallow

M1(W) (Bu)      M2 (W) (Bu)     M3 (W) (Bu)  
M8 (W) (Bu)     M12 (W) (Bu)    M13 (W) (Bu)   
(W) (Bu)   M15 (W) (Bu)

Meat / Produce Trays - Deep
D1 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)      D2 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)  
(B) (W) (Bu) (G)      D7 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)  

D8 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)      D9 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)   
(B) (W) (Bu) (G)    D14 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)     

D17 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)    D18 (B) (W) (Bu) (G)

Meat / Produce Trays - Extra Deep

ED2 (B) (W) (Bu)       ED3 (B) (W) (Bu)    
S89 (J1)
(W) (Bu)    S11 (B) (W)    
(B) (W) (Bu)                J4 (B) (W) (Bu) (Y)     
(B) (G) (Bu) (Y)     SJ5 (B) (W)


Triangular - Whole Bird Trays

PT3 (W) (Y) (Bu)         PT4 (Bu)


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Display Trays

Counter Display Trays

Range of Products & Sizes

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Gastro Trays

RPET Trays

Range of Products & Sizes:

D13-45 Clear Padded Gas Trays 432

D15-100 Clear Padded Gas Trays 160

D15-120 Clear Padded Gas Trays 

D15-45 Clear Padded Gas Trays 224 

D18-100 Clear Padded Gas Trays 120

D18-45 Clear Padded Gas Trays 150

D18-75 Black Padded Gas Trays 

D2-100 Clear Padded Gas Trays 162

D2-120 Clear Padded Gas Trays 

D2-45 Clear Padded Gas Trays 252

D2-55 Black Padded Gas Trays 540

D2-55 Clear Padded Gas Trays 240

R13-4SP Clear Burger Tray 228

R13-55 Clear Unpadded Gas Tray

R15-37 Black Trays (3276)

R15-37 Clear Padded Gas Tray

R15-55 Clear Padded Gas Tray
R15-60 Clear Gas Tray

R15-76 Clear Gas Tray

R18-50 Black Burger Gas Tray

R2-100 Clear Padded Gas Tray

R21-50 Black Padded Gas Tray

R2-37 Black Meatball Gas Tray 402

R2-37 Black Gas Tray 540

R2-37 Black Padded Gas Tray 540

R2-45 Black Unpadded Gas Tray

R2-55 Clear Padded Gas Tray

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CPET Trays.png

Ready Meal Trays

Variety of Tray Styles & Sizes

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Variety of Lidding, Platters and Lids

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Smooth Wall Foil Tray.jpeg

Foil Trays

Smooth Wall & Ripple Wall

Range of Sizes Available

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Stainless Steel Tray.jpg

Stainless Steel
Display & Serving Trays

Variety of Stainless Steel Trays

Available in a Variety of Sizes

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Dalebrook logo.jpg


Product Range

AM Ingredients are an approved supplier of Dalebrook products.

Click below and view their range that we can supply you.


Lidding Film

Variety of Products and
Sizes Available

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Egg Boxes

Available in a Variety of Sizes

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Twisty - web size.jpg

Salad Bowls

Oval Salad Containers

Round Salad Bowl

Platters & Lids

Salad Containers with Forks

Call to order

Fruit & Veg Punnets

Available in a Variety of Sizes

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Food to Go Trays

Variety of Products & Sizes

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Noodle Boxes

Variety of Sizes

Call to order
Foil Platter.jpg

Foil Platters

Variety of Sizes

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