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Green Up Your Business!

Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging Range

ECO Packaging Range 

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With governed environmental directives we assist customers to reduce their carbon footprint by offering a wide range of recyclable and bio-degradable food packaging products including; card, paper bags, wrap, food boxes, leak proof containers, bamboo, cutlery and cups.


Product list 

Brown Take Away Boxes.jpg

Bio Leak Proof Containers

Brown Leak Proof Containers 
No. 1  2  3  5  8

White Leak Proof Containers 

No. 2  6A   8

Various Sizes
Bio Degrabable Carrier Bag.jpg

Degradable Bags

100 % degradable Carriers

Bespoke Bags For Life

Recycled Carriers

Various Sizes
Twist Handle Braown Bags.jpg

Paper Handle Carrier Bags 

Twist Handle

SOS Bags

Various Sizes
Bagasse Food Containers.jpg

Food Boxes and Trays

Bagasse   Vegware

Clam Shell Boxes

Various Sizes

Bio Hot Cups

Brown Craft Ripple Cups

White Single Wall Cups

Double & Triple Wall Cups

Various Sizes
bamboo cutlery-knife-fork-and-spoon.jpg

Bio Cutlery

Knives   Forks   Spoons

Tea Spoons   Skewers   Stirrers

Various Sizes

Grill Sticks

Bamboo Kebab Skewers
120 mm


Bamboo Grill Sticks 

200 mm   250 mm

Teppo Gushi

120 mm  180 mm   250 mm

Various Sizes

Paper Wrap

Recyclable Brown Paper Wrap

Recyclable White Paper Wrap

Various Sizes

Food Bags

Brown Paper Food Bags

White Paper Food Bags

Various Sizes

"We have an on-going proactive sourcing of the
latest bio-degradable and recyclable products
to assist our customers future business.

Don't hesitate to call our friendly team

with any questions you may have"

0161 945 8050


 Registered Office: Unit 13 Longley Lane, Northenden, Manchester, M22 4WT 

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